Massage Services

Need a boost? Make your holidays unforgettable with a unique massage experience..

In all our massages we use ultra - fine Greek Olive Oil and Sweet Almond Oil renowned for their nourishing and softening properties. Nature’s finest elements mingle together creating a magical place of relaxation that  soothes the mind, body and soul. Holistic care for your body.

  • samsara bullet Relaxing the whole body
  • samsara bullet Relieving tired, aching & tight muscles
  • samsara bullet Increasing flexibility and range of motion
    samsara bullet Diminishing chronic pain
    samsara bullet Calming the nervous system
    samsara bullet Enchancing skin tone
    samsara bullet Aiding in recovery following injuries and illness
    samsara bullet Reducing headaches and mental stress
    samsara bullet Improving relaxation
    samsara bullet Promoting restful sleep
    samsara bullet Restore balance,